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Beer Filtration Application

Beer is the most popular alcohol in the world which is an alcoholic beverage brewed from wheat bud and barley malt as the main raw materials, and hops, after liquid gelatinization and saccharification, and then through liquid fermentation.

during beer production process, microfiltration plays a crucial role in producing a superior product. Controlling particulate and microbial levels are essential for maintaining the quality, consistency, and taste of your product.

Applying Entegris technologies and expertise in beer filtration to your process will remove risks and ensure peace of mind by enabling more rigorous process control.

Typical Beer Production Process


Beer Production Filtration Recommendations

Filtration step


Filtration for diluting water & brewing water

Prefiltration: LFP/LFPF Series

Terminal filtration: LFS Series/Pharmsteri™ PES cartridge filters

Fine filtration


Filtration for bottle washing water

L15HF/LFP Series

CIP filtration


CO2 filtration

LFT Series

Pharmsteri™ PTFE cartridge filters (available in second half 2022 )

Sterile venting system

Prefiltration: LFP Series

Sterilizing filtration: LFT Series/Pharmsteri™ PTFE cartridge filters (available in second half 2022 )

Steam filtration: Stainless Steel filter cartridge

For detailed product information contact Entegris.

All recommended products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified quality management systems.

All recommended products meet the FDA indirect food additive requirements cited in 21 CFR 177-182.

All recommended products meet (EU) No.1935/2004, (EU) No.10/2011.

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