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Bottled Water Filtration


Water is the source of life, is essential to the survival of humans and all living beings. With the development of the soft drink industry, bottled water as a special kind of soft drinks are increasingly welcomed by all the customers.
With the increasing environmental pollusion and the enhancement of people’s health care consciousnesses, the quality of bottled water received extensive attention. One of the main challenges of bottled water processing is to consistently produce a quality product free of microorganism that could taint its quality, reduce its shelf life, and be a threat to customers. In addition, the product quality could be affected by different raw water resources, filtering process and sterilizing process. So, strict production control and suitable filtration system are critical, and the filtration process can remove .particles and microbes to reduce its chromaticity and turbidity, make the water clear transparent and clean sanitation, improve its quality, extend its shelf life, reduce security risks.
ANOW successfully achieves this objective with a range of prefiltration and final filtration products.

Separation Goals

Remove the particles, suspended solids, colloids from raw water

Microbial stabilization

Remove particles and microbes from bottle rinse water

Application Requirements

Filters must provide consistent high flow rates and be robust to satisfy mass manufacturing processes

Terminal filters must keep reliable retention of microorganisms for a long time

Filters must have low extractables




RPMelt-blown depth filter, economy, for prefiltration
LFPPP filter cartridge, cost-effective, for prefiltration
LFPFMulti-layer PP filter cartridge, graded-pore structure, filtration for colloids and viscous liquids
LFNNHydrophilic N66 membrane, low extractables, cost-effective, for fine filtration
LFSAsymmetrical hydrophilic PES membrane, high throughputs, long service life, for terminal filtration
LFV/UC/UTIPVDF membrane, stainless steel filter cartridge, titanium filter cartridge, for ozone resistant filtration
LFTAHydrophobic PTFE membrane, 0.01 μm, for vent application

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