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Wine Filtration Application

Enables more rigorous process control to improve wine qualityimage.pngWhile the flavor of the wine is determined by the type of grape, soil, topography, and climate, process management plays a key role in wine quality. Contaminants such as crystals, treatment residues, organic aggregates, bacteria, and yeast can significantly impact a wine's quality.

Filtration should be carried throughout the wine production process to remove contaminants. And making use of cold sterile filtration before filling contributes to biological stabilization and improves the quality of the wine. This process effectively removes the spoilage microorganisms without damaging the flavor of the wine, allowing the product to be processed safely while maintaining freshness. Applying Entegris technologies and expertise in wine filtration to your process will remove risks and ensure peace of mind by enabling more rigorous process control, Figure 2.

Separation Goals

· Clarification – reduce dead yeast cells (lees), bacteria, grape skins, grape seeds, and tartaric acid crystals. Ensure stability during storage, prolong the life of oak barrels.

· Fine filtration – reduce haze, precipitation, tartaric acid, and other fine particles generated during storage.

· Prefiltration – reduce particles and microorganisms, prolong the life of final filters.

· Final filtration – microbiological stability, organoleptic properties are completely preserved for years.

Application Requirements

· Wine filters must provide consistent high flow rates to ensure filing accuracy and consistency.

· The cost of wine filters must be economical.

· Prefilters and final filters must withstand multiple cycles of hot water sanitization.

· Final filters must keep reliable retention of wine microorganisms and particles for a long time.

· Typical Wine Production Process


Figure 2. Filtration will remove risks and ensure peace of mind by enabling more rigorous process control.

Wine Production Filtration Recommendations

Filtration step


Fine filtration

LFP Series

Pharmsteri™ PP cartridge filters


LFP Series

LFS Series

Pharmsteri™ PP cartridge filters

Pharmsteri™ PES cartridge filters

Final filtration

LFS Series

Pharmsteri™ PES cartridge filters

CIP/rinse water

LFP Series

Pharmsteri™ PP cartridge filters

Gas filtration

LFT Series

Pharmsteri™ PTFE cartridge filters (available in second half 2022 )


All recommended products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified quality management systems.

All recommended products meet the FDA indirect food additive requirements cited in 21 CFR 177-182.

All recommended products meet (EU) No.1935/2004, (EU) No.10/2011.

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