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Product Name/DescriptionApplicationProduct TypeIndustry
V Series 20mm Syringe Filter for Venting/Gas FiltrationVenting and Gas Filtrationφ20 Syringe Filters Laboratory
Color Coded Syringe FilterHPLC and ChromatographySyringe Filters & Filter Units Laboratory
Nylon Transfer MembraneMicrobiological QCProtein and Nucleic Acid Analysis Laboratory
PVDF Transfer MembraneMicrobiological QCProtein and Nucleic Acid Analysis Laboratory
CUL Ultrapure Water Point-of-Use Capsule FilterLaboratoryCUL ultrapure water point-of-use Laboratory
F5 Disk Filters for Liquid ClarificationClarificationφ50 Filter Units Laboratory
Glass Microfiber(GF) Filter with BinderEnvironmental QC for WaterGlass Fiber Membranes Laboratory
Glass Microfiber(GF) Filter without BinderProtein & Nucleic Acid AnalysisGlass Fiber Membranes Laboratory
PET Track-etched MembraneProtein & Nucleic Acid AnalysisPET Track-etched Membrane Laboratory
25mm Color Overmolded Syringe Filters for High Operating PressureHigh Operating Pressure Applicationφ25 Syringe Filters Laboratory
ASF Syringe Filters for Automation SystemsAutomation Systemsφ25 Syringe Filters Laboratory
Syringe Filters for ICP-MSICP-MSφ25 Syringe Filters Laboratory

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