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Product Name/DescriptionApplicationProduct TypeIndustry
MCE Membrane for TOC Determination of Soil LeachateEnvironmental QC for WaterHydrophilic MCE Membranes Laboratory
Glass Fiber for Solid Wastes TCLP TestEnvironmental QC for WaterGlass Fiber Membranes Laboratory
47mm Aluminium In-line Disc Filter HolderLaboratorySanitary Disc Filter Holder Laboratory
47mm Glass Filter HolderLaboratoryFilter Housings Laboratory
47mm Stainless Steel ManifoldLaboratoryFilter Housings Laboratory
47, 90, 142mm Stainless Steel Disc Filter HoldersLaboratory47, 90, 142mm stainless steel disc filter holders Laboratory
S Series 5mm Syringe Filter for SterilizationSterile Filtrationφ5 Syringe Filters Laboratory
A Series 5mm Syringe Filter for ChromatographyHPLC and Chromatographyφ5 Syringe Filters Laboratory
Gridded Membrane for Environmental WaterEnvironmental QC for WaterGridded Membranes Laboratory
V Series 50mm Syringe Filter for Venting/Gas FiltrationVenting and Gas Filtrationφ50 Filter Units Laboratory
V Series 33mm Syringe Filter for Venting/gas filtrationVenting and Gas Filtrationφ33 Syringe Filters Laboratory
V Series 25mm Syringe Filter for Venting/Gas FiltrationVenting and Gas Filtrationφ25 Syringe Filters Laboratory

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