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Hangzhou Anow Microfiltration Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Anow Microfiltration Co., Ltd. is a filtration company in Asia who focuses on research and development of MCE, Nylon, PES, PVDF, and PTFE membrane, with pore size ranging from 0.03μm to 10μm, as well as design and production of various pleated filter cartridges, syringe filters, and capsule filters. ANOW provides professional assistances for liquid, gas and air filtration, separation and purification solutions for customers around the world in Biopharma, Medical, Food & Beverage, Microelectronics, Chemical, Water Treatment, Laboratory Analysis, and Environmental Sciences.

ANOW has successfully gotten the certificates of ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. Besides, We have also been honored as a Direct Unit of the Membrane Industry Association of China and Direct Company of medical plastic product branch association of CAMDI.

Located in Xindeng Industrial Zone, Fuyang, Hangzhou, ANOW's plant covers a production workshop area of 6000m², with 3000m² of area meeting the GMP requirements for manufacturing of medical devices, 600m² and 2400m² YY0033 class 100000 clean rooms. We have more than twenty lines for the production of microporous membranes and pleated filter cartridges, advanced inspection tools and equipments, as well as professional R&D Center and Validation Center.

ANOW has been making great efforts to improve the quality management system during the process of obtaining the certificates of production and registration.Our Commitment to R&D enables us to provide our customers with the best product and services.

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